Fresh Princes of the Apocalypse

Trouble in Red Larch
a bad moon is on the rise

The band of nascent heroes attend a funeral for the farmers, where Winnie meets an old acquaintance who promises to provide her with some ancient lore, but then decides to join in for some bandit-hunting.

After investigating a few likely sites and dispatching a small band of marauding gnolls, the adventurers came upon a hidden encampment. Several bandits were lounging around, while an emaciated bear was held in a barred wagon. After a pitched battle the raiders were dispatched, the bear wandered off, and our heroes claimed the spoils of victory.

The next day, the adventurers headed off to Lance Rock to check out rumors of evil doings. Ignoring several signs warning of plague, they entered a cavern, where they encountered several undead and a few traps.

The Beginning

A bookish nerd, an antisocial fisherman, a scheming conniver, and an outcast from the depths of the Underdark. Some might call them weirdos, but in Red Larch, they just might be the only hope of salvation.

From an early encounter with drunken bugbears, to a pitched battle against strange cultists, to a daring raid on an ancient tomb, the fledgling adventurers have proven their mettle time and again, but their greatest challenges still lie ahead.

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