Convocation at Summit Hall

After the heroes led the fight against the Ice Shield orcs at the Dellmon farm, the elves of the High Forest and the Knights of Samular have called for a meeting at Summit Hall to discuss the growing danger facing the Dessarin Valley. Representatives from settlements throughout the vale have gathered to hear what the PCs have learned about the elemental cults, and to discuss possible courses of action to end the threat.

The leader of the Knights of Samular, and the host of the convocation, is Lady Ushien Stormbanner, a devout paladin dedicated to Torm. She has a reputation for her stern dedication to justice.

Harvestmother Nareema has come as the representative from Goldenfields Abbey. She is a warm, motherly woman.

Guard Captain Bremmer Dalyin has ridden from Amphail. He is taciturn, and does not believe that the cults are anything more than jumped-up bandits, easily dealt with by local authorities.

Harkley Moonbuck is a halfling merchant, who has come to speak for the merchants holed up in Womford and the Bargewright Inn. He seems to be an easy-going fellow, always ready to share a joke or a bit of his pipe-weed.

Estea Donalee is a the representative from Beliard. She was a driving force in laying the groundwork for an alliance with Mirabar, and is most concerned about learning the fate of the dwarves envoys from that city.

Gilthanen Denaloska is a wood elf sent from the elves of the High Forest. He is an elf of very few words, but his fire-scorched armor and haggard face suggest that the wildfire in the forest cost him dearly.

Cylialie Starbrow is a half-elven woman who has come to speak for several circles of druids of the High Forest. She is enraged at Elizar Dryflagon’s treacherous attempts to recruit druids to his cause while burning the great forest, and proposes aggressive action against the cults. She is accompanied by an odd plant creature.

Jalessa Ornra is the mayor, and butcher, from Red Larch. Despite the august company of warriors and knights, she keeps a level head and forceful in promoting a common-sense approach to the dangers facing the valley.

A messenger dispatched to the Vale of Dancing Waters reports that Speaker Gurna Brittlestone has agreed to attend the convocation, but she has not yet arrived.

The young dwarf the party met in Amphail has traveled with Guard Captain Dalyin in the hopes of speaking with the Speaker, and he is very concerned for her safety.

The Knights of Samular also report that the messengers to Triboar, Yartar, Waterdeep, and Neverwinter have not returned, nor is there word from those cities.

Convocation at Summit Hall

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