Red Larch Locations

Points of Interest in Red Larch

1. Allfaiths Shrine: a small shrine attended by priests of various faiths, who take turns coming out from Waterdeep to serve for a month. Currently administered by Karine, a priestess of Sune, and Old Mariya, a follower of Selune.

2. The Swinging Sword: a good-sized inn, and the social hub of respectable society in Red Larch. Owned and operated by Keyless Irkell, a friend to adventurers.

3. The Helm at Highsun: a ramshackle, dirty tavern where locals drink, flirt and gossip.

4. Mother Yalantca’s: a somewhat run-down boarding house operated by Mother Yalantha and her family.

5. Thelorn’s Safe Journeys: the foremost wainwright in the Dessarin Valley.

6. Chansyrl Fine Harness: purveyors of tack and harness, as well as a variety of other leather goods

7. Helvur Tarnlar, Clothier: a fine tailoring shop, with a highbrow air somewhat at odds with the rustic locale

8. Loren’s Bakery: an excellent bakery operated by Mangobarl Lorren, who is famous for his cheese-topped mushroom buns

9. Tantur Smithy: a workshop where several smiths ply their trade

10. Drouth Fine Poultry: a large poultry vendor

11. Jalesa Ornra, Butcher: owned and operated by Jalessa Ornra and her husband Harburk Tithmarillar, who serves as the town constable

12. Dornen Finestone: the business office of the Dornen Quarry, owned by Elak Dornen.

13. Ironhead Arms: the former sell-sword deals in weapons and armor

14. Mhandyvver’s Poultry: a somewhat smaller poultry shop

15. Haeleeya’s: a bath-house and occasional dress-maker, operated by Haeleeya Hanadroum

16. Waelvur’s Wagonworks: a somewhat less-reputable wainwright

17. Gaelkur’s: a combination second-hand shop, barber, and unofficial watering hole popular with older residents, owned by Marlandro Gaelkur

18. Mellikho Stoneworks: the office of another quarry, owned by Albaeri Mellikho

19. Luruth’s Tannery: a reeking warehouse owned by Ulhro Luruth

20. Bethendur’s Storage: several warehouses used by caravaners to store and transfer cargo

21. The Market: a muddy field that hosts a local fair every tenday; the rest of the time, a half-orc named Grund uses the space to make pickles

22. Vallivoe’s Sundries: home of Endrith Vallivoe, a retired merchant who has all sort of oddities for sale, hidden among piles of gewgaws collected on his travels

Red Larch Locations

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